Some of the terms used in Crochet

Let us start with the commonly used abbreviations in crocheting:

ch st chain stitch
dc double crochet
hdc half-double crochet
sc single crochet
sl st slip stitch
trc triple crochet
yo yarn over
tr treble crochet
sp space
sk skip
Pat st pattern stitch

Though there are numerous abbreviations in crochet, the above-mentioned are basic, frequently used ones, and are supposed to be known and kept in your memory to begin with.

The key terminology in crocheting is the term ?Foundation Chain? and you need to know this before trying out any basics. It is like the foundation of a building and crocheting is also built on this foundation chain. The foundation chain is nothing but a cross-stitched row that serves as the base of your crocheting. It holds all your stitches and all the other successive rows that you continue to make.

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