Techniques in Crocheting

The first step in a crochet project is knowing the technique of holding the hook and correct yarning so that you are comfortable with them when working on a project. Let us start with teaching as how to hold the hook.

The hook can be held in two ways:

* You can hold the hook as if you were holding a pencil - try to hold the same position and apply a light grip on the hook

* You can hold the hook as if you were holding a spoon when mixing something that is thick in its consistency.

And now it is about the yarn.

The fundamental or the basic technique is to make a slip knot, duly attaching the yarn to your hook. The simple steps to tie the slip knot are:

* Loop the yarn around your left index finger

* Hold the loop between your left index finger and thumb as you let the yarn slip from your finger

* Draw the loop up and around the hook duly holding the hook with your right hand

* Gently pull both the ends in opposite direction. This will tighten the knot and make it smaller.
Practice, Practice, and Practice!

A bit of practice will make you adept in the technique of feeding yarn into your work. After picking up the yarn with your left palm, thread the yarn through the fingers with your left hand facing up. You will succeed in getting the natural flow of the yarn through your fingers as you practice. You can get the desired tension or the tightness of the yarn by moving your index finger up and down.

As you progress, you will be able to make natural and effortless movements and a rhythm will set in that works best for you.

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