The Button and Cluster Stitch

The Button Stitch

The Button Stitch is also known as Bullion Stitch (and bullion stitch bars). To do a button stitch, you have to choose a hook which is thin towards the point and thick towards the handle. These hooks are different from the rest of the hooks that are used for other kinds of crochet.

To get an ordinary bullion stitch, your should make your foundation chain little loose. Then wind the yarn evenly around the hook several times, pass the hook through one stitch of the chain, do one over and draw through the loop, finally do another over and draw through all the loops on the hook.

Bullion stitch bars are similar to the wrapping of yarn at least 10 or 12 times around the hook, and the over is drawn through all the loops except the last 2 loops. The last two loops are joined with an over done afresh. You can make your job of drawing the hook easier by holding the twists of the yarn firmly between your thumb and forefinger.

Cluster Stitch

This is also popularly known as Pineapple Stitch. Cluster stitching is user for inserting a row between the rows of double crochet.

The details are:

* Make 1 over, insert hook under 1 stitch of the preceding row, make 1 over and draw it through as a loop;

* Make another over, insert the hook a second time under the same stitch and draw it through with another loop;

* Make a 3rd over, insert the hook a 3rd time under the same stitch and draw 1 loop through;

* Make a 4th over, insert the hook again and draw another loop through, make another over and draw the hook through the first 8 loops on the hook;

* Make another over and draw it through the last 2 loops, 1 chain, miss 1 stitch of the preceding row, and repeat all steps.

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