Tools - Markers, Needles, etc for Crocheting

However, to make your crochet work more easy and efficient, you need to know and use certain other ?extra? things and let us see them one by one:


In a pattern, markers such as shaped loops or split rings are used to mark places in your work. These markers indicate the beginning of a row and they help you in counting your stitches on the foundation chain.

Tapestry Needles

Tapestry needles are instruments with long eyes and blunt points, and are typically used in embroidery. They come in various sizes and are used to weave yarn ends and for sewing crochet pieces together. Needles also come with sharp points and you can make use of them for applying crochet braid, edging or borders.


Pins that come with glass head are normally rust proof and you can use them for your blocking tasks. For any pinning crochet works, pearl or plastic headed pins are used. Further, for the job of pinning pieces of crochet together, Quilters? long pins are ideally suited because of the clear visibility of its heads and its non-slipping ability through the crochet fabric.

Tape Measure

You can choose a tape measure that comes with both inches and centimeters markings on it and that too on the same side. As the tape measure tend to stretch or elongate over a period of time, you should make it a point to replace the tape measure regularly for achieving accurate measurement. A metal or plastic ruler (12 inches/30 cm in length) will also serve the purpose of measuring gauge swatches.

Row Counter

You can count and keep track of the number of rows in your crochet work with the help of row counters and they are more efficient than noting down on a notebook.

Sharp Scissors

Scissors are used to trim yarn and yarn ends and a small scissors with a pointed end will come very handy.

Plastic Rings

Plastic rings serve as a base for making buttons. You can even find metal rings that are being used for laying button foundation, but metal rings are shunned due to its rusting capabilities when the garment is washed.

Metal Hook Gauge

Metal hook gauge is used to determine the size of your hook. A better practice is not to rely on the size that is marked or stamped on the hook and it is always better to cross check the size of your hook with the metal gauge invariably.


Bobbins are meant for holding small quantities of yarns. When you are carrying out multi-colored work, you can make use of bobbins with the variety of coloured yarns and they will make your job easy.

There are other precautions that you may have to follow such as safe keeping of your yarns and semi finished crochet works in a safe place so as to avoid them from getting stained. You can make use of a large, clean pillowcase for this purpose. Further, when you are not using the hooks, you can bundle them or fasten them with a rubber band or a string and keep them in cases such as a cosmetic bag or a sturdy box.

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