Yarn and Chain Stitch Technique

Learning the Yarn Technique

This is described as yarn over (abbreviation: yo). Your index finger plays a smart role in yarn over movements. As you catch the hook every time, guide the yarn by moving your index finger up and down. To do a yarn over:

* Pass the hook under and over the yarn from back to front

* If you have difficulty in wrapping the yarn around all your fingers, you can just let it flow behind your index finger (instead of wrapping the yarn), in front of your middle and ring fingers and back behind your little finger
Chain Stitch Technique (cs)

In this technique, you loop the yarn over the hook anti-clockwise or else you can adjust the hook after holding the yarn still. Then without tightening the previous loop, draw the yarn through to form a new loop. Keep repeating the steps till you get the desired number of chains as specified in the pattern.

The correct method of counting chains is to leave the first slip loop as a chain. If you want to count them later, ensure that the chains are not twisted and you are looking at the front; then count back, but don?t include the loop that is still on the hook.

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