Tips on using the chains

Always make it a point to count chains from the front of the chain. Start your count with the first complete stitch above the slip knot. Any normal crochet project will contain instructions that will indicate how many chains to make and where to start your work on the foundation chain.

It is also highly probable for you to end with complications if you forget to do your turning chains. The ends of your work will look cramped or crushed for want of enough space for allowing further rows. To tide over any such situation, you have to unwind the yarn back up to the end of the previous row and then start making your turning chains. Please bear in mind that unwinding the yarn and starting over afresh is always better rather than giving up totally in desperation.

If you like circular items such as tableclothes or doilies in crocheting, then always start with the foundation chain joined in a ring. For joining the ring, use the slip stitch. To use a slip stitch to join a ring, you have to insert your hook under the 2 loops of the first foundation chain, and then yo (yes, you guessed it correct ? it is yarn over). Next, pull the hook through the chain and the loop on the hook. One loop remains on the hook, and you have now completed a slip stitch and made a ring.

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